Technology with Snow and Ice Management

Written by Mike Foster. Posted in Services

V-Plow TechnologyAffordable Plowing Services uses the latest technology when dealing with mother nature. Everything from V - plows on our trucks to sectional snow pushers on our heavy equipment.

Benefits of using technology include:

  1. Faster at getting the job done right the first time
  2. Less Emissions into the enviroment from machinery
  3. Reduce possibilty of damage to your lots. Everything moves. If we do contact a curb, the sectional snow pusher will simply ride over the obstacle. Whereas a ridge, rubber edged snow pusher will likely cause damage.
  4. Reduced liability
  5. The sectional snow pushers conform to the dips and valleys of the lots we plow. There is only a trace of residual snow to melt off (unlike traditional rubber edged pushers)..... less snow to melt off means less salt to use... less salt to use means less residual salt into our waterways..... Its really a win/win situation.