Choosing the right contractor for you

Written by Mike Foster. Posted in Services


Always choose a professional for your snow removal needs!

How many day, hours, or minutes can your business afford to be shut down? Our accounts understand the potential downturn should they not pick the correct snow removal company for their snow removal needs. They understand time is money and thats why they choose to partner with Affordable Plowing Services LLC because we can deliver the level of service that a company needs to maximize profits while minimizing liabilities. What does this mean to other potential clients? It mean Affordable Plowing Services LLC can offer the level of service a business needs/expects and we charge appropriately for doing a professional job.

Affordable Plowing Services LLCs professional edge includes:

  • Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including holidays!
  • Commited to service and quality
  • Reliable equipment
  • Service reports for insurance documentation
  • Contracts and free estimates
  • Insured with G/L, auto, and workers comp insurance
  • Affordable Plowing Services LLC uses a proactive rather then a reactive approach while conducting business. For example, we track storms days in advance using the national weather service and our employees are given notice and updates daily on the status of the storm.


Did you receive a low bid from another company? Use caution as these companies may not be properly insured, and if they're underbidding the market, they won't be around for long.

Affordable Plowing Services LLC may not always be the lowest bidder, but remember, we are a professional company that is commited to service and quality. We pay insurances, payroll taxes, workers comp, overhead, keeping our equipment in tip top shape so they perform like they should during a storm, while upgrading and purchasing new equipment to better service our clients.

Always choose a professional!